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Clinical Sessions

Clinical Sessions include a 1 hour minimum of direct ABA therapy with a RBT or BCBA. During the current pandemic, we are using in-person and telehealth services to provide children with ABA therapy. We will work with students in person or via telehealth at this time. In these sessions you can expect assessments, direct instruction, and skills being taught in as natural a setting as possible. Skills are taught in a 1:1 ratio of therapist to student. This therapy program is designed on an individual basis to strengthen each child's skills in communication skills, academic skills, social skills, and much more. Social Skills sessions are also available to kids in our clinic program.

School shadowing

These services are developed to assist children who are in need of extra help in the school setting. The goal of shadowing is to help a student transition into a mainstream environment without assistance. By providing shadowing services, we can assist the child in practicing the skills needed for success in the general education setting. Shadowing is provided by a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) at the school and is overseen by the BCBA. After school clinic hours (via telehealth) are recommended.

School Days

In-Home ABA Sessions

In-Home Therapy consists of a BCBA or RBT coming to your home to conduct in-person therapy sessions using Applied Behavior Analysis. The goal of therapy in the home is to increase skills such as communication, fine motor, self help, and daily living skills in a natural environment. Parent training may be conducted in the home by the BCBA at this time. It is the goal of In-Home Therapy to equip parents with skills to encourage growth in a natural setting in the areas of social and language development. In-Home Therapy is available for those living within a 30 mile radius of Jackson, MS.


School consultation

School Consultation is available for on-site classroom observations, Functional Behavior Assessments, behavior plans, student accommodation suggestions, staff training, and data collection training. This service is designed to assist a student in a general setting. School Shadowing may also be requested by the parent after the consultation to accommodate each child's and/or school's individual needs.


Parent Training

Parent Training involves a BCBA meeting with the parents of a student to discuss current progress, any maladaptive behaviors, assessment results, and treatment plans. During sessions, parents will be taught ways to increase language and skill development in the home and community while also decreasing maladaptive behaviors. It is the goal of SBS to teach parents how to recognize functions of behaviors so that they may respond to their children confidently and immediately in a behavior analytic method.

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